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History Of The Lobster Roll

The Lobster Roll was purchased in 1965 by Frederick H. Terry Sr., and his Dad; Richard C. Terry Sr. when it was a tiny roadside clam shack on the Napeague stretch. The Lobster Roll Restaurant became affectionately known as "Lunch"   (although it serves lunch and dinner) because locals and travelers associated the now "iconic" sign with the restaurant. In 1978, Andrea Anthony joined forces with Fred and three years later, Paul DeAngelis came on board. Nearly 4 decades later, Andrea and Paul (former restaurant management professors) maintain current ownership and management operations of this busy summer eatery.

Though still a principal in the Amagansett location, Fred (after retiring as a College Professor) returned to his roots in Baiting Hollow, N. Y. Fred's several other endeavors include the operation of Gingerbread University and the authorship of several children's books. No rest for the weary!

The Lobster Roll has transformed over the years, through several expansions, but remains the quintessential indoor/outdoor summer eatery; attracting locals, celebrities, day-trippers, and travelers from all over the globe!!!

The Lobster Roll embraces the atmosphere of a nostalgic roadside shack, amid the sand dunes, gardens of summer flowers, umbrellas, beach balls, picnic tables, and plenty of smiling faces!!!